Yesterday’s Guest Post and a New Project


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Good Morning!

Before I share with you my new project, I wanted to let you know that yesterday I was over at First Time Fancy doing a guest post.  If you didn’t know, Kerry and her family are moving to beautiful BC next week so she is crazy busy packing up her lovely home.  She was looking for some help with posting during this crazy time so, to help out I put together a little post all about florals.  If you didn’t see it yesterday, you should check it out.

Now, moving on to the newest upholstery project that I’m working on over at Re:style Studio.  It’s going to be a big transformation – but here a little sneak peek.

I’m taking this condo-sized sofa belonging to my friend Amber….

and transforming it into a sofa that is a cross between this….


and this…


It’s going to be fabulous when it is all done, and I cannot wait to show you the final product!

Have a fabulous day!



Last Weeks Loves – April 2 to April 8


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Good Morning!

I’m baaaaack.  So sorry for my lack of posts this weekend. I planned on using the few days off in my sleepy (but relaxing) hometown to write a whole bunch of blog posts. But as it turns out I needed more rest than I thought, and I barely opened my computer. I did visit with my family, finish the Hunger Games, almost finish Domino: the book on decorating, visited a very interesting local business near my hometown (more on that in a later post), and ate….a lot.  I also started The Paris Wife as part of the Blogger Book Club.

So, I’m posting my Last Weeks Loves series a day late this week, and since my weekend was so “unplugged”, this might be a shorter list than normal!  But, size doesn’t matter, right?

1. Blair from Delight by Design posted about conservatories, and I realized that a conservatory is on my dream “must-have” list for a home. And the one she featured was so pretty.

2.  These scarves by ILANA KOHN were featured on Design for Mankind last week and they are seriously gorgeous.

3. Tim from Design Maze did a fantastic feature on Lia, the brains behind Mod Pieces, a fabulous one-of-a-kind lamp design shop!  Lia uses vintage lamps and designs custom shades to renew these amazing pieces. Check out her Site if you haven’t already!

4. Susan over at Saf Affect did a feature on the lovely wooden churches of Slovakia.  They are beautifully designed structures and so unique.

Have a lovely (short) week!


Inspired by some chicks…


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Good Morning Lovelies!

I am looking forward to a relaxing long Easter weekend. I am heading home to New Brunswick tomorrow morning to spend the holiday with my family and I’m very excited about it.  And speaking of Easter, today’s post is inspired some chicks…literally….


These adorable little Easter chicks, with their fluffy yellow feathers and orange-y legs and beak, represent the bright and fresh feel of spring.

Photo sources, Clockwise from top left, 1 (via), 2, 3, 4, 5 (Orig. source unknown), 6, 7 (via), 8 (via), 9, 10,11

Perhaps a bright and fresh outfit also inspired by the little chickies is in order?  How about a fun bright yellow dress with amazing orange accessories?

yellow & orange

Outfit sources found here on my Polyvore.

Have a great day!


Trend Tuesdays: Neon on your Neck


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Good Morning Lovelies…

When it comes to fashion trends, I’m usually a late adopter.  It took me a while to embrace the skinny jeans when they first came back (what? you want me to wear tapered jeans??), and even longer on the pleated pants (I still don’t embrace them on me, they look awful – but I’m loving them on other people).  But, when neon started making a comeback, I said, NO way, this is where it ends. This is a trend that this girl is not supporting!  Insert a warming up period…. and voila, here I am today featuring fun neon necklaces.  Although they are all cute and super fun, some of these I probably wouldn’t wear.  But, the point is, some of them I totally would.  So yes, I’m starting to embrace neon.  And I guess I should stop being all Judgey McJudgerson when trends first come out – because apparently I’ll be on the bandwagon in no time. Enjoy!

Neon Pink Stone necklace from Tigerlily Dream Accessories on Etsy

Neon Pink Geometric Necklace with Gold Rings from Restate on Etsy

Neon Statement Necklace from Doloris Petunia by Courtney Prince on Etsy

Triple braid necklace from Birdienumnum on Etsy

Vintage Neon necklace from LEIF (product not available anymore :()

Multi-Strand Neon Bead & Crystal Necklace from Aida Kibur via Shopbop

Neon Kumihimo Necklace by Yuen London via Boticca

Painted rhinestone necklace by Colorblock Shop on Etsy

Totally fun, no? Great pop of colour for an outfit. I particularly like 1, 5, 6, and 7.

How do you feel about neon?

Have a great day!


Last Weeks Loves – March 26 to April 1


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Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s Monday and there was whole lot of fabulous in the blogesphere last week, so let’s not waste any time getting to my loves of the last week!

1. Erica over at Moth Design posted about her fabulous marble wallpaper DIY in her dining room cabinet. I am officially in love with marbled wallpaper, it’s a whole lotta prettiness.  Yeah, just like everything else on Erica’s blog!

2. How can you not love this easy Easter centerpiece idea posted by over at Brooklyn Limestone?

3. Anna, of In Honour of Design, has done it again with her DIY wizardry with this Kate Spade Inspired Dot Stud Earring DIY that she posted this week.  I definitely need try this one out.

4. I sooo love a good idea, and bloggers always have the best ones. I was over at 6th Street Design School and discovered The Amazing Lace Skirt project, an idea from Monica and Whitney from Ask the Duplex.  This lovely black lace skirt is being shipped around to bloggers all over to see how they would style this skirt.  See Kirsten taking part in this great idea and modeling the skirt here. And learn more about the Amazing Lace and how it got started here!

5. A while back, Meesh from I Dream of Chairs did a post and showed this chair.  I’d seen them before but didn’t know what they were called, so I asked her.  This week, she not only told me the name but did whole post on the Porter’s chair. You should check it out.

6. OMG, when I read this post over at Inspired by Life I literally was laughing out loud.  Staci alerted me to the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” picture craze that has been cropping up on Pinterest. How had I not heard of this hilarity before??  Staci even made up a few of her own which were amazing.  This is one of my fave Hey Girl’s:

7. Finally, yesterday I hit up the One of a Kind Spring Show.  Got there just in time to watch Christine of Bijou and Boheme rock the main stage talking about styling tips, and using great finds from the show to style a space in 3 different ways.  As usual, she was great!  Then Sarah, Pam and I set off to do some shopping.  There were some great things to be found and purchased but I didn’t have my camera to show all of it to you.  However, luckily a few other bloggers did, such as Lisa,  Jenn, and Lindsay and you can see their recaps here, here, and here.  They loved a lot of same things I did!

Have a great week everyone!


The New Traditional Kitchen – Guest Post by David Leland


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Good morning!  I’m VERY excited this morning to have my friend David Leland, a designer with Aya Kitchens and Baths (who are one of the amazing sponsors of the upcoming Blogpodium!), here to share with you one of his recent kitchen renovation projects. David first visited Recreated last year to share his favourite piece of furniture as part of my Pieces of You series. And now he’s back talking kitchens, and he has some great information for you on New Traditional kitchen design. So, without further ado, I give you David.


Hello peoples!  As mentioned, my name is David Leland and I am indeed a kitchen designer with Aya Kitchens and Baths.  I am certainly excited to have been invited by Lindsey to be part of her “all things design”  blog and have the chance to share a little of me, with you!   There are many things I suppose I could have discussed, but ultimately I decided I would talk to you about a project I recently worked on. I hope you find it an interesting read and enjoy the transformation!

Classic in its esthetic  and timeless in its design, the traditional kitchen is still a prevalent desire among most people embarking on a kitchen renovation project today.  So if you’re a traditionalist at heart, but are concerned you may be dating your home, don’t worry, because a major trend has hit the kitchen design world: the new traditional kitchen.

The key to creating the new traditional kitchen is the combination of traditional design elements such cabinet door styles and detailed mouldings with more contemporary design elements such as open concept floor plans, clean, bright-coloured finishes and contemporary hardware to keep the space looking fresh and up-to-date.

In the project I’m featuring today, the clients wanted update their space, while still keeping with the overall traditional esthetic of the home.  The removal of a bulkhead, some light fixture concerns, and the refinishing of all the baseboards and mouldings were just some of the things that had to be addressed to really bring this space into the present and give the clients the showcase kitchen they deserve.

Before 1

In addition to just giving this space a facelift, we wanted to give the main floor a more open,  free-flowing design  – conforming with today’s idea of a more modern floorplan. We decided that the kitchen and the eating area should no longer be divided as shown below in the before photo below.  To do this we removed the wall between the kitchen and the formal dining area,  and relocated the range and ductwork which was originally found on that wall to get a a more open-concept space.

Before 2

The first choice of the redesign was the more traditional, raised-panel cabinet door style – the Churchill – and we went from there.  The selection of an elegant 3-1/2” crown moulding (my clients also had a finish carpenter copy the profile of the crown moulding, so they could continue it throughout the space), false panels on any exposed cabinetry ends, decorative posts flanking either end of the island, and an intricate on-lay over the “desk” provided the traditional base for this kitchen design.

After 1

Now, to incorporate the “new” elements to this new traditional design we opted for a bright oyster painted finish on the cabinets, clean white marble tile, a modern mixed mosaic back splash, a white Alaskan granite counter top, a clean, modern faucet, and a two-tiered island.  Furthermore, all the mouldings were painted white providing a more elegant feel to the space, and with the wall removed a much more intimate gathering area is achieved – allowing for those in the kitchen to entertain and maintain conversation with those seated at the table.  Given that in today’s world everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen at parties, it is important for hosts to be able to do what needs to be done, but at the same time allow them to enjoy the company of their guests.

After 2

Various other ideas and elements were used to make this traditional kitchen feel up-to-date and contemporary; from shiny chrome hardware to the mix of contemporary stools and traditional dining chairs.

After 3The finished product is a beautiful elegant space, classic enough in its design so it never goes out of style, but dressed up with some modern elements.   The result is a clean, simple, and tailored look and a great example of the New Traditional kitchen.

All photos taken by David Leland and used with permission from the homeowner.


Hope you all enjoyed and thanks again to David for visiting today!

Have a great weekend lovelies!


Inspired by Movies – Under the Tuscan Sun


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Good morning! Today I’m talking about one of my favourite films, “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  I mean who hasn’t had a time in their lives where they wanted to run away and buy a villa in Tuscany? Not only is this film set in a beautiful location with a great storyline, but I loved watching the transformation of the villa as she makes it her own.  I love movies where either the location or spaces in the movies are a character themselves.  SJP always said that New York City was the fifth character in “Sex and the City”, and I feel similarly about the villa in this movie.

The Synopsis (of sorts):

After going through a divorce, she buys a run down villa in Tuscany on a whim….


She does some renos….


And lots of cleaning….


And makes it cozy…


She learns to cook…


She enjoys her balcony…


And makes new friends and drinks lots of wine.



Ok, so there is a lot more to it than that but you get the gist.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. And I loved the laid-back attitude in both the Italian lifestyle as well as in the decor. Rustic materials, with muted colours paired with a few pops of colour thrown in.  Here is my take on a Tuscan-inspired room:

1. Italian Wood and Iron Chandelier, Circa Antiques via One Kings Lane 2. Clay tiles by Stoneshield 3. Portou Oak Armchair by Rathwood Furniture 4. Lytton Cocktail Table by Vanguard Furniture 5. Atelier Chesterfield Anthropologie 6. Missoni Pillow 7. Benjamin Moore Desert Green Paint Colour 8. Tuscan Landscape by Marlene Robbins

Oh and did I mention you can rent the Villa Bramasole where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed as a vacation home…..if you decide to do that, please note that if required I could fit in a really large suitcase (take me with you!).

AND, now I’m craving wine….

Ciao Bellas!

Last Weeks Loves – Online Shops Edition


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Good morning!  Monday again, so you know what that means….my last weeks loves are up!  But today there is a little twist…instead of last weeks posts I loved, today I’m featuring online stores that I’m loving which I’ve only recently discovered (i.e. in the past week!).  I’ve come across these shops/stores either through searching for specific items or through other blogs, but all have items I would buy on the spot….if I only had unlimited funds and storage.

First up….

I love the great vintage housewares found at High Street Market – the shop is very well curated with lovely pieces with pretty details, and they appear to be in great condition.  Some of the beauties I’ve found are…

I want this lamp for my desk

I love this bold brass lamp with the plain white shade.

And I love this modern brass bowl.

I found Have You Met Miss Jones through this post by SF Girl by Bay.  This great online store is full of beautiful bone china, clay pottery and recycled glass art for your home.  I love the bone china lighting in all sorts of interesting shapes and forms, as well as their beautiful vases….like these ones….

And this adorable little doe nightlight, how cute would that be for a kids room?

And I love these handy yet pretty white china paper bags

Part of the reason I love upholstery is because I get to make old new again.  Which is also why I really like Found Design Miami.  They take old furniture and make it new again, by refinishing, redesigning and/or reupholstering. How could I not like that?

This piece called “Paige’s Curiosity Cabinet”, is so unique…..I can’t even think what kind of space I would put it in, but there is something about it that I’m drawn to.

I love a chairs with good shape, which this one definitely has, and I love the simple fabric with the detailed wood frame. Great piece.

I occasionally randomly search for vintage items on Etsy and during this weeks perusal I found Loverly Vintage.  Beside an amazing name, this store has a really neat collection of vintage items from housewares to accessories.

Hot pink and vintage go hand in hand, right? OK, maybe not normally, but this piece challenges that for sure. Love it.

ummm, pretty copper cups…gorge, totally gorge.

Vintage copper coloured beaded belt….pair this stunner with a LBD and you’ve taken your outfit from plain to fabulous.

It is crazy how many great online shops are out there, and these are just a tiny sampler.  Also, Miss Christine over at Bijou and Boheme featured two great blog shops this week, The Enchanted Home Shop and Recycled Consign and Design.  Go check out her post to see the fabulous items you will find in those shops, and then check them out for yourself! (Oh ya, and keep your peepers peeled for Christine’s shop in the coming months…with her talents, how could it not be fab?)

Have a great week!


Fashion Friday: TO Fashion Week Decor Inspiration


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Happy Friday Lovelies!  I hope all is well with all of you.  For Fashion Friday, I’m taking some great looks from the runways of last week’s World Mastercard Toronto Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week and using them for some design inspiration. With the great weather we are having these days, I’ve been fixated on Spring fashion, so it was a little hard to get excited about heavy materials and darker colours, but as usual Canadian fashion designers managed to peak my interest with their gorgeous designs.

via here and here

One of the most talked about lines from the week seemed to be Joe Fresh, the company who’s ideology of incredibly stylish fashion at budget-friendly prices flies in the face of typical “high fashion” mentality.  If you live in Canada, you definitely own some Joe items, and if you don’t, your kids do.  I love these bold hounds-tooth print skinny pants. And who doesn’t love a good hounds-tooth print in their home decor? I love it with the pink and grey palate here.

via here and here

The Ruffian fall line was described to have Downton Abbey feel to it.  So, naturally I couldn’t help but love it. Loved the well-cut coats and muted colours, in particular this great plaid cropped peacoat.  The living room I choose for the corresponding decor shot also shares those muted colours but with a pop of purple which is still is warm but adds a little something (much like the coat).

via here and here

Another great Joe Fresh look from the runway was this flowing mustard yellow and green dress with a simple modern geometric. For the interior I chose this modern style room which also has great geometric patterns, but adds a curved coffee table which I think softens the look.

via here and here

David Dixon always designs lovely dresses which are beautifully cut, and this year is no exception.  I loved this dark jewel toned green dress with pops of gold and teal in the detailed print.  The amazing wallpaper in the corresponding decor photo also has an amazing detailed print, paired with the large gold

There was amazing Canadian talent featured in Toronto’s fall/winter 2012 fashion week, so I urge to check out the Toronto Fashion Week site and check it out.  Also, Toronto Life’s Fashion Week coverage section has galleries from all the shows as well.

Have a great Friday!


Last Weeks Loves – March 12 to 18


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It’s Monday….please insert frown and groan here. But one good thing about monday is it’s the day that I look back to things I discovered this past week on the pages of blogs that made me smile, laugh, sigh, and drool (occasionally followed by online shopping).  Here are my Last Weeks Loves….

1. This is such a cool window treatment DIY over at Brooklyn Limestone. A cameo silluouette on a window made of written quotes!  I think it looks so great and I like it even better because the quotes are from Einstein.  Just had to share it.

image source {here}

2. I always love the spaces that Jacqueline over at Lark & Linen posts in her House Envy series, but this weeks was particularly awesome.  Love the shots of pink and the mix of design styles in this house designed by Josephine Interior Design. I also loved her Scenes from my Weekend: Halifax Edition post – being from the east coast, it’s nice to hear when others appreciate the friendly and helpful nature of the people there 🙂

image source {here, via here}

3. This Milk Art DIY that Rosa from Flutter Flutter posted is so cool! I know it was intended for kids, but I really want to try it!

image source {here}

4. This post titled Art: Fail Harder at Wieden + Kennedy by White Cabana caught my eye first because of the quote “Fail Harder”, which intrigued me, but the story behind this art wall gets even more interesting. To find out why head on over there to check it the post.

image source {here, via here}

5. I’m ready to brighten up my wardrobe for spring, particularly colour-wise. Less black and grey, more pink and teal, ya know?  And I love the cut and colour of this J. Crew blouse selected in Blissblog’s I Heart Monday List. I always enjoy the “hearts” on her Monday list, but this one deserves a “love” this week.

image source {here, via here}

6. And speaking of colour, you have to stop by and see this post on Poppytalk about the The Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs and Scottsdale. Bright, retro, and a fun read to start your week.

image source {here, via here}

7. And finally, did you know that Heather at Interior Groupie and Carol over at the Design Pages are starting a Blogger Book Club?  Um, hells ya they are!  I used to read so much more and now I find I don’t make time, so I am joining for sure! I love motivation. To get all the deets on how to get in on this great idea go here or here.

image source {here and here}