Recreated was “created” by me, Lindsey Gerrish, a hobby upholsterer and lover of all things related to furniture and furnishings located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I started upholstering a few years ago to avoid buying a  new couch.  My first project turned out…well, um….OK. But since then I’ve completed many projects and taken some courses in upholstery and I’ve been able to significantly improve my skills.  I love making old into new again.  Upholstery is in danger of becoming a lost craft but my hope is that if more young, talented, design-saavy people start getting interested in upholstery, it will be revitatilized again!



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kelly Mettler said:

    Hi Lindsey,

    Gee your blog is getting so cool! I saw the wedding photos- and there is one adorable one of you that I think expresses your personality-i love it! I loved your picture with Tommy , that must have been exciting…he is talented would love to spend a day with him. I also thought you might be interested in a blog called “Colour me happy” by Maria Killam – Vancouver, its a very interesting blog.
    Cheers Linds


  2. Hey, I found you from the http://www.subtlerevelery.com blog from the pic of your funny story card. So cute! Great blog 🙂

  3. oops, I meant http://www.asubtlerevelry.com I always forget the A

  4. Hey!

    I ran across your blog when searching for Missoni Home upholstery ideas on google! I’m actually working with a company that carries the entire Missoni Home collection so if you’re working on any projects, feel free to come by the showroom. It’s John Paul & Co., located in the Yorkville area of downtown Toronto.

    We just received the 2012 catalogues so I’m sure you’ll be interested to see what’s new!

    Send me an email if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,


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