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Good Morning! I was recently reminded how much I like faux ostrich fabric, after reading this post over at Redesigning Sarah about how she fixed her damaged leather cubes by having the top reupholstered.  Check out how great they turned out!

Great huh?  This inspired me to find more faux ostrich loveliness….but it was hard finding an abundance of inspiration.  However, I did find a few things…

Like these chairs….

This bag…

These chairs, specifically the seats (from the home of Ms. Meredith Heron, designer extraordinaire as featured in Style at Home)

These flats….

This bench…

These heels….

These stools…

Can you believe that bench was a DIY project? You can see it here. I do love to see people having success with DIY re-upholstery, and that one tuned out amazing! Oh yea, and I would give my right ear for that bag…for realsies.

You just gotta love a little (faux)….

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I’m over the moon for ostrich…

Have a great day!