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Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s Monday and there was whole lot of fabulous in the blogesphere last week, so let’s not waste any time getting to my loves of the last week!

1. Erica over at Moth Design posted about her fabulous marble wallpaper DIY in her dining room cabinet. I am officially in love with marbled wallpaper, it’s a whole lotta prettiness.  Yeah, just like everything else on Erica’s blog!

2. How can you not love this easy Easter centerpiece idea posted by over at Brooklyn Limestone?

3. Anna, of In Honour of Design, has done it again with her DIY wizardry with this Kate Spade Inspired Dot Stud Earring DIY that she posted this week.  I definitely need try this one out.

4. I sooo love a good idea, and bloggers always have the best ones. I was over at 6th Street Design School and discovered The Amazing Lace Skirt project, an idea from Monica and Whitney from Ask the Duplex.  This lovely black lace skirt is being shipped around to bloggers all over to see how they would style this skirt.  See Kirsten taking part in this great idea and modeling the skirt here. And learn more about the Amazing Lace and how it got started here!

5. A while back, Meesh from I Dream of Chairs did a post and showed this chair.  I’d seen them before but didn’t know what they were called, so I asked her.  This week, she not only told me the name but did whole post on the Porter’s chair. You should check it out.

6. OMG, when I read this post over at Inspired by Life I literally was laughing out loud.  Staci alerted me to the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” picture craze that has been cropping up on Pinterest. How had I not heard of this hilarity before??  Staci even made up a few of her own which were amazing.  This is one of my fave Hey Girl’s:

7. Finally, yesterday I hit up the One of a Kind Spring Show.  Got there just in time to watch Christine of Bijou and Boheme rock the main stage talking about styling tips, and using great finds from the show to style a space in 3 different ways.  As usual, she was great!  Then Sarah, Pam and I set off to do some shopping.  There were some great things to be found and purchased but I didn’t have my camera to show all of it to you.  However, luckily a few other bloggers did, such as Lisa,  Jenn, and Lindsay and you can see their recaps here, here, and here.  They loved a lot of same things I did!

Have a great week everyone!