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Good Morning Lovelies!

It is supposes to be a gorgeous day in Toronto today, and I’m giddy.  It is amazing how the weather can affect mood, no?  And with the early signs of spring we are seeing, I’m in the market for a new trench! I’ve started perusing the internet to find styles I like, and I’m happy to discover that there are lots of great choices out there.  My personal preference is the classic double-breasted style, but in terms of color, I’m not set on the classic khaki.  I always like clothes with a twist on the classic.

Today I’ve put together a few of my favourites from the search so far. There is a range of styles, from the totally affordable at a price point of $100 to $300 to the totally unreasonable price point of $800 to $3100.

1.Coral belted trench by Jane Norman 2. Light Pink Short Trench Coat from Zara 3. Yellow Striped Trench from Loft 4. Stretch Garbadine Trench by Burberry 5. Belted Trench by Paul Smith 6. Khaki Cotton Blend Belted Trench by Laundry by Shelli Segal 7. ‘Topliner’ contrast trim lady trench coat by Kate Spade 8. Belted Double-Breasted Trench Coat by Tommy Hilfiger 9. Trench Coat with Double Buttons by Zara

My mom says that even when I was a little kid, when I would walk into a store I’d always be drawn to the most expensive thing in there.  So, not a huge surprise that my very favorites below are 4 (Burberry, about $3100) and 7 (Kate Spade, about $700).  Try and tell me that the cut of those 2 coats aren’t amazing…..try, I dare you.  See? You can’t.  But the reality is, those are just not in my budget, so I’m leaning toward 1 from Jane Norman and the two from Zara (2 and 9).  Loving the pale pink one.

Anyhoo, hope you have a great day!