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Good morning!

Remember when I started writing my Mighty Life List? And then in this post I said there were a few things I thought I could do fairly quickly?  Well, up until last night I hadn’t really completed any of them. In my defense (yep, here come the excuses…) some of them were worded as “do more of this, this year”, so I have started a couple. But this morning, my friends, I’ve actually completed one – I organized my spices! OK, so it might have been the EASIEST of the items on my list, but it’s done.  And today I have a little DIY to share with you about what I did.  But first, for the sake of showing the extremes, I’m going to embarrass myself and show you just how terrible my spices looked before…

Seriously, it looked crazy, and was taking up a whole shelf in my cupboard.  They are in various containers, disorganized and just plain ugly.  I needed them to be be in containers that were pretty enough to move them to my open shelving. So, I took a trip to one of my favourite stores….um, Dollarama….and bought the pretty jars below. And then made a stop at Canadian Tire and picked up some chalkboard spray paint.

Next, I took painters tape and made a square outline on one side of each of the jars, and I sprayed each of the squares with the chalkboard paint and let them dry over night.

After they had dried over night, I removed the tape and I had a whole bunch of these…..

Last but not least, I used chalk to write on the spice names and filled ’em up!

So much better, no?  My spices are ready for their coming out party!

I’m so excited about how they turned out.

The best part?  More cupboard space!  Next up, re-organizing my cupboards, which I’m actually excited about doing.

Wow, talking about re-organizing my cupboards is a really pathetic way to end a Friday post….so instead I’ll end with this….


Have a great weekend!