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Good Morning Lovelies.  Today I’m talking about church conversions.  Specifically, churches converted into single family homes.  I think they are incredibly cool and often a great use of heritage buildings that may have otherwise been knocked down. And I love the idea of living in something with some history. However, would I want to live in one? Um, yes….if the interior was well designed and decorated, which I expect is huge challenge in these spaces.  Churches are usually hugem vast spaces, so converting one into a single-family home is tough to do really well.  I like a home to be….well, homey, not stark and bare.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to hide anything that makes these spaces unique, but what I struggle with is that they often end up looking like this…

or this….

Listen, I’m not an interior designer, nor do I claim to be, but the 2 photos above don’t look like good uses of space to me, given the amount of space available.  The good news is that while searching these conversions I did find some that looked like an inviting space to live, while incorporating the traditional elements of the church.  Here are some examples of churches converted into well designed homes (in my humble, untrained opinion).

Photo via 1,2,3,4,5,6

What do you think about church conversions??