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Good Morning!

Oh lordy, I am lovin’ me some brass these days! Well actually, not just “these days”….you see, my bed growing up was an antique 3/4 size brass bed, so I’ve really liked brass my whole life.  It feels familiar to me.  And now that brass is becoming trendy again in home decor, it’s kind of like how I assume it would feel if someone who went to your high school who you haven’t kept in touch with ended up on Canadian Idol.  You have no idea where they have been all these years but now that they are back, you will totally support (vote for?) them. That’s how I feel about brass.  (Seriously, it’s a miracle anyone follows my thought process).  ANNNNNyway, today I thought I would show you some cool brass pieces as wells as examples of the use in brass in decor that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Have a great day!


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