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Good Morning!

Today I’m talking about the British Colonial decor style.  Now, all decor/design styles have a history of how they came to be, but for me British Colonial is screaming from the rooftops “I’m well traveled and rich with history….deal with it!”. It has both beauty and an arrogance which I quite enjoy. British Colonial style can be compared to that world traveling friend that everyone has. They are always jetting off to interesting destinations but are also always eluding to how well-traveled and cultured they are. You find this person incredibly intriguing and interesting to be around, but there is part of you that is just a little jealous.


British Colonial style emerged in the late 19th century when the vast British Empire had reached parts of South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa.  “Any time civilized people live in a very tropical climate, an interesting juxtaposition of styles arises — out of tradition and necessity. China and silver among other refined items were imported from Britain, but that elegance was tempered with the realities of island life: the need to stay cool and the available local resources.” (quote via HGTV)

I love the dramatic traditional pieces combined with natural tropical elements.  Heavy dark wood furniture against light walls, large ceiling fans, lightweight flowy fabrics, dark leather elements and lush greenery are the keystones to this style.

Here are some lovely examples of British Colonial decor, some that are traditional, as well as some that have a modern twist.

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Aren’t these spaces just gorgeous?

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