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It has been awhile since I’ve posted, I’ve been enjoying the holidays in New Brunswick, but I’m back in Toronto today and ready to get on a (somewhat) normal schedule.  You will notice that I’ve done a bit of a redesign of the blog.  With a little time to play around I decided to change up the look of the blog so it’s a bit more reflective of me and also my content.  Not sure if it’s the final version, I’m still a bit unsure about the background of the header, but I would encourage and appreciate thoughts and comments (positive or otherwise).  I’ll need to finalize in the next couple of days because I have to order some new business cards for Alt Summit!

Now a little recap on my holidays….I arrived home on the 22nd to unusually warm weather and no snow….booooo. Then miraculously I woke up on the 23rd to a solid layer of white on everything! Here are some shots I took around my home town….That same day, my mom and I stopped into the local antique store.  Holy crapballs batman, there were so many cool things and for great deals.  The store is in an old house which is FULL of stuff.  I’m talkin’ stuff in EVERY corner, hooks on the walls with stuff hanging on them, stuff under stuff and over stuff…. totally freakin’ FULL.  Plus two garages full of the big stuff. If only I had a u-haul and a personal driver to bring it all back to Toronto for me. On the other hand, I have no damn idea where I would store it all once it got here….anyhoo.  There were a lot of pretty and interesting things there but here are some of the highlights…..

GORGEOUS old church doors.  These are the kind of doors you build a house/room around, no?

Harper’s Bazar mag from 1894…..so cool.

It’s hard to tell with all the items on top but this dressing table is gorgeous with the marble tops and beautiful wood.

Oooh gold flatwear. Entire set, including wood case – $175.  A steal!

pink and gold you say?  How could I not love?

Gotta love an old jukebox.

There is something about the pondering look on this woman’s face which I’m drawn to.

A little too Rocky Horror for my tastes, but an interesting piece none the less…..

This place has so much lovely, lovely china.  Seriously, you could host an intimate dinner for 80 to 100 people with the beautiful china in this store.

Tell me this amazing chaise isn’t screaming for a Recreated re-upholstery job?

And let me tell you these pieces are only a tiny smattering of the finds at this store! .  A veritable goldmine I would say. In the end, I only bought….

this plate

and also antlers like these….for $10.

I’m going to paint them and put them up, just not sure where yet.  Needless to say they weren’t exactly “pack-able” so I’ll have to wait for these babies until the spring when my parents come to visit!

Hope you all had a great holiday!