Last week I was tickled pink to be given the Versatile Blogger award from my new blogger friend Meesh over at I Dream of Chairs.  Let’s think about this. She dreams of chairs and I dream of upholstery…ummm, clearly a blogger match made in heaven! If you haven’t been to her blog be sure to check it out.  So, as part of this lovely honour bestowed on me (a first for Recreated), I am now to tell you seven things about myself that you might not know, and then pass this award along to other deserving bloggers.  So here are 7 tidbits about me.


My first name is actually Marta. Lindsey is my middle name, though I have always gone by Lindsey. All of the family on my father’s side go by their middle names so my parents decided to pass that tradition on in our family.  Marta is not a family name nor are we of German or Austrian decent, my parents just liked the name (though clearly liked Lindsey more).  I have been assured I was not named after anyone from this movie….

umm, Marta von Trapp is second from the right…..(via)


I grew up in Sussex, New Brunswick which has a population of about 6000 (at least it did when I was living there over a decade ago, I’m sure it’s grown since then). Sussex is the dairy capital of the Maritimes and home to:

Daisy and Buttercup (via)

Sussex Ginger Ale (still made, but not in Sussex anymore). (via)

And the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta which takes place in September every year. (via)

It really is a lovely place and though I’ve been a city girl for many, many years and intend to remain one, I do feel lucky to have grown up in a small, tight-knit community.


I am NOT photogenic….and I’m not just saying that, it’s a well known fact. Sure, there are few nice photos of me kicking around, but it’s usually about a 2% success rate when a camera starts clicking. Something happens to me when a camera is put in front of me which causes me to do crazy things with my face/body. Even when I try to pose and smile properly I just look forced and uncomfortable. Remember the Friends episode with Chandler in their engagement photos? Yea, that’s me. My most common move of late I like to call the “Skeletor” in which I smile so aggressively that the bones in my neck stick out.  It’s super hot, let me tell you. Here is an example:


I hate jello. It’s not the taste, its the texture.  Slimy and gross. Blah.



I have been known, in the past, to experience road rage in traffic.  I once was so frustrated I slammed my fist down on my turn signal and it snapped off. Couldn’t afford to fix it right away so I used duct tape to attach a wire hanger in it’s place.  It didn’t work very well.  Karma is a bitch, no?  My road rage has since subsided, but I still do this from time to time….



On paper I am officially bilingual (English and French).  In practice, I haven’t really spoken French to anyone in over 10 years, so “bilingual” might be a stretch.



I love going to the salon, but not because of how great my ‘do looks when I leave (though that is fun) but it’s having someone else wash my hair.  If I had unlimited income I would buy one of those fancy sinks and hire someone to wash my hair everyday.  SOOOOO much better than washing your own hair.


And there you have it, seven little gems of insight into me.

And now to the best part of today’s post….I now get to give the

award to deserving bloggers.  So without further ado, I would like to bestow this award to Holly at West Pear Avenue, and Staci Edwards at Inspired by Life!  They both have lovely blogs and happen to be very nice people as well!  Congrats ladies!

Happy Friday Everyone!