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OK, so this might seem like a little bit of a way-back play-back post, but when flipping through my old magazine’s last week, I found myself drooling over Drew Barrymore‘s office from the April 2008 Domino magazine all over again. Designed in collaboration with Ruthie Sommers this space is cozy and eclectic, and mixes vintage and modern in just the right proportions.  More than 3 yrs later it still looks fresh and current, and I would say that is an indicator of a great design. So I thought today we all could take a trip down memory lane……

all photos from domino magazine.

Just so you all know I’m singing a highly out-of-tune version of “Memories” right now in honour of the departed Domino mag.  Sniff, sniff.  However, isn’t that office sooo great? If only I could have a home office that looked like that….or a home office at all…..or something larger than a nook in my living room to put my computer on….