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Sooo, with the wave of activity around Toronto due to the film fest, I decided to feature a post inspired by a movie, specifically one of my fave, fave, faves….the beautifully filmed…….

This movie has all a girl would want – it is so stylish, with amaze-balls fashion, super gorgeous furniture and decor, an kickass soundtrack, stunning cinematography, all wrapped around a historic true story that is full of emotion….you gotta love a little Sofia Copola genius.

Not that for wallpaper….

Sitting room at Versailles

Can’t you just see Marie taking a swig outta these…..

Ohhhhhh to be this fabulous….and check out that chaise!

Marie’s bedroom at Versailles

shoes…..great colours!

Hall at Petit Trianon

Kirsten Dunst VOUGE cover

Versailles poker chips

Red Room at Grand Trianon


Mr. Louboutin, my red-soled lover, you have certainly nailed it with your Marie inspired shoe….

pretty Marie Inspired cupcakes

it is so hard being Queen of France….

A piece actually owned my Marie, auctioned off in London.

Marie’s bedroom at Petit Trianon

I love this picture, she looks so coy and she is def looking for trouble….

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I hope you all enjoyed this visual overload of BEAUT-TEE-FUL-ness!  P.S. I’m now watching the movie on demand…..after seeing the pics, I wouldn’t help myself.