Good morning from my family’s cottage in Oak Point, New Brunswick!  I’m on vacation for the 10 days, and am loving it so far.  I have some guests post coming in the next few days that I am VERY excited for….first one is tomorrow so stay tuned. I will post more from my vacation later. Today we are feeling the after effects of the Tropical Storm Irene….there is no place more fun to be in this weather than right next to the ocean. In some places, being so close to water during these storms isn’t so safe, but thankfully we aren’t in the eye of the storm.  (Although my parents did get up in the night concerned that a tree might fall on their cars). Today winds are still very strong but not nearly as strong as last night. My niece Katrina and I took a walk this morning in the wind and here is a snippit of what we saw.

Wind sock on our deck….pole is leaning decidedly west…..

The surf….will be fun for swimming later….

Neighbours light bent sideways…

My 10 year old niece, pretending she is being blown off our deck…though not so inaccurate…walking against the wind was tricky!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!