Good morning all,

Ok, so yes, you guessed it…today’s post is actually about nudes (in art) but I purposely didn’t title this post “Nudes” so as to not to disappoint those who accidentally fell upon my blog while searching for porn…though I guess that would be a sneaky way to get more traffic to the Site. About a year ago, when I was shopping for art to fill the empty walls of my living room, I found myself drawn to art which highlighted the human form.  Now there are lots of types of nude art out there, but I prefer pieces that are less detailed and more abstract, but that still generally highlight the shape and curve of the human body.  And while in life I want my nudes in the male form, in art I am a fan of both male and female! I guess that makes me a bi-sexual art lover?  I digress…..

At the end of my search for art I ended up buying four ink & watercolor nudes (at a very reasonable price) by Canadian artist Mel Delija at Art Interiors.  I framed them myself with basic white IKEA frames and *Poof* – my living room instantly looked more complete. Here they are (sorry about the photo quality).

Aren’t they just lovely?  All of the above via moi….

And here are some other examples of nudes that I have found online which I think are beautiful,  interesting, or both!

I found this great sketch “Reclining nude male” by artist Kim McGhee’s aka, archtectii on Etsy Via

Love the bright colors in this piece called “Nude Couple in the Studio” by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Via

“Male Nude In Front Of A Window”, by artist Dan Lacey Via

I like the color contrast of this painting by artist Mike Toft called “Caroline” Via

This awesome piece called “colorful male pastel drawing nude standing” by Kristina Laurendi Havens is totally gorgeous.  The rest of her art is amazing as well. Via

I found this piece of work on the blog called A Small Town Dad’s Weblog which is hosted by an amateur artist, but I couldn’t find a name on his blog!  I absolutely love this one, and the fact that it seems just slightly unfinished makes it that much more beautiful. Via

Have a great day!