Good Tuesday morning to you all!

Thought I would start off with a little bit of humour this morning.  I’m talking upholstery for your “throne”, so to speak.  I know what you are thinking…Toilet seat covers?  Really Lindsey?  While I agree 100% with the sentiments in the article by Erin Loechner (Design for Mankind) called “Decor Don’t: The Toilet Seat Cover”, it really is a sort of upholstery for your bathroom so I thought I should touch on it, however mockingly I do so.  Here are some of the best I found, hilarious or otherwise.

Western Theme

All I think here is, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” Via

Political Theme? Or Ironic?  Via

Ah the Holidays…

This is terrible but I had to do it. Via

These adorable toilet seat cover/rug combos by Shinzi Katoh may be the only ones featured that are acceptable, but in a child’s bathroom only! Via

I know they are fabulous, but really? Via

I likely won’t ever own a toilet seat cover, but if I did get one, this one by Pressalit would be my choice. Via

I love tufting in upholstery, but this is a little much….Via

And FINALLY if you want to go big and blingy this is your choice….

All I can is wow, you have to really love your bathroom for this one….Via

Hope I added a smile to your faces on this sunny Tuesday morning!