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Today’s post is the start a series of posts I’m calling “Inspired by Fashion”.  I will look at a current fashion trend and put together a series of furniture decor items that are inspired by that .  I will be focusing my search on upholstered furniture, but will include other decor items as well.  For today’s post I am looking at white and lace.  These are two of the hot trends that have been seen on on spring/summer fashion runways from Dolce and Gabbana to H&M.  The items I’ve chosen range from upholstery fabric with lace trim to furniture with lace-inspired cutouts.  You will see that some of the examples maintain the romantic side of lace while, others highlight modern-geometric lace-inspired looks.  What I have discovered is that there aren’t alot of upholstered pieces with lace. Perhaps it is because there aren’t many upholstery weight fabrics that incorporate lace?  Will have to do more research,  but that will be for another day and another post.


Clockwise from top-left: Floral Lace chair from Floral Art, lace curtains- unknown source, Lace headboard from Brocade Home, crocheted lace chair – unknown artist, Lily Lace Chair by Dror Benshetrit for BBB Emmebonacina, metal lace loveseat + garden damask print cushions from Brocade Home, lace trim upholstered chair by ethanallen.com.